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I absolutely loved working with Liz and James!  They are such a fun couple and I think they made me laugh more than I made them laugh!  I can’t wait for their intimate wedding in June!!

I have been working a few rolls of film into my sessions lately and the photos above are a few of my favorites from Liz and James’s session.  Like a lot of the photographers out there… I see the difference in the photos and I see a difference in what/how I shoot with it.  The photos have a depth and artistic feel to them that can’t be matched by a digital camera.  I love the colors film creates and the watercolor background.  I also love the proportions of the Contax.  Sometimes with my Canon 5D I find myself having a hard time filling the frame with the type of composition I want… and the Contax is perfect!! Most of all, I love what it does to me as a photographer and artist.  I love the Contax 645, and Fuji film, and hope to keep it as part of my process from here on out!