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On day two of the Jose Villa Workshop we walked around the golden hills of Solvang, California to shoot an engagement session with a really fun and newly engaged couple… Ashley and Tyman.  Ashley works with the popular wedding blog “inspired by this” and Tyman, well… he is a romantic!  He had one of the most unique, fun and romantic proposals I have ever heard/seen.  He told us all about it on the car ride to our location and then a few months later they posted a video of it to the “inspired by this” blog, you can see it here.  Below are a few of my images taken alongside the amazing Jose Villa.

This past October I flew out to Southern California to attend workshops by two photographers that I admire.  They both have very different styles and I felt that by doing this I would expand my vision and knowledge of photography and it would allow me to take from each what I felt was fitting to me and my photography.  The first workshop I attended was by the talented Amelia and Justin Lyon.  They have two children and I have to think they are the coolest, hippest parents any child could have!  They didn’t allow us to take photos because they wanted us to absorb everything they were teaching us, so I don’t have anything to share but it was good to just sit back and take everything in.

The other workshop was by the amazing Jose Villa.  It was a one on one workshop for three days.  I was able to shoot a bridal session with a model, a real engagement session and a real wedding alongside Jose.  I loved every minute of it and tried my hardest to take in everything I could.  Jose is a film photographer and makes shooting seem so effortless.

I would like to give a BIG “Thank You” to Amelia and Justin Lyon and to Jose Villa for the wonderful opportunity and for sharing all your knowledge of photography with me!

Below are a few of my images from the bridal session with Jose.  The first five images were shot with a film camera using Fuji Film, camera and film provided by Jose Villa and prossessing provided by Richard Photo Lab, and the rest of the images were taken with my digital camera.   Photos from the engagement session and wedding from the Jose Villa Workshop to come!

Model:  Nancy Villa
Hair & Makeup:  Mar from Team Hair & Makeup
Location:  Hills of Solvang, California